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Large Format Digital Printing - Inkjet Backlit Films - Backlit Film - Backlit Film Reverse Print 130

3832 - Backlit Film Reverse Print 130

3832 - Backlit Film Reverse Print 130
glossy 3832 130 µm

Asymmetrically coated polyester film with a white matt coating side. The backlit film is ideally suited for picture presentations in illuminated poster displays. The white printable side is specially coated to render complex graphics or photos with high contrast, color fixation, excellent color gradation and quick drying time. It has a very good transparency and an antistatic backside.

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  • Quick Dry
  • Good scratch resistance
  • Well suitable as mounting film
  • Good light stability with dye inks
  • Very high contrast in backprint with dye inks


Indoor Backlit: Indoor promotion media for use in special large and small light box displays at airports, train stations and malls.
Indoor Signs: For preparation of identification signs or maps or banner at exhibitions, POS, convetions, in large buildings ect.

ink compatibilities:

Ink with Dye : Aqueous dye-based ink systems, whereby the colourant behaves like sugar in water. These inks deliver high colour saturation but are more sensitive to the ozone and UV-light than watery pigment inks: we therefore strongly recommend glass framing or lamination for long-term indoor application.
MemJet: An inkjet printing method using memjet printheads - that fire millions of dye/pigment ink drops per second.


Edge tear strenght: This product has a particularly high tear resistance: it will only tear and continue to rip should one of the edges become damaged or excessive force is use
Cold lamination: This product should only be protected against atmospherich influences with cold laminate films.

Total Weight 150 g/m² +-10 ISO 536
Thickness 130μm +-10 (5.1 mil +-0.4) ISO 534
Whiteness 120 (CIE) CIELAB-System
PH Value 7 DIN 53124
Gloss (60°) 88 % DIN 67530
Transparency (optical density) 1.9 MacBeth TD904
Printer Ink used Print quality
Hewlett Packard DJ 5000 (PS) / 5500 (PS) Ink with Dye
Hewlett Packard DJ 5000 (PS)/ 5500(PS) UV+ Aqueous Pigmented Ink
Hewlett Packard DJ 2000/2500/2800 3000/3500/3800 CP Ink with Dye
Hewlett Packard DJ 4500, 4000 (PS), T1100, T1200, 1050C/1055CM Dye (black pig)
Hewlett Packard DJ 130 Ink with Dye
Epson Stylus Pro 10000 Quick Dry™-Dye ink Ink with Dye
Epson Stylus Pro 7000 / 9000 Ink with Dye
Xerox IJP 2000
Océ Colorwave 900
Fuji Xerox DocuWide C 842
RTI Vortex 4200