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Large Format Digital Printing - Wallpaper - Style - GLASS TEXTILE DESIGN2WALL HEALTHCLEAN 295

2525 - Glass Textile Design2Wall Healthclean 295 matt

2525 - Glass Textile Design2Wall Healthclean 295 matt
matt 2525 - 295 g/m²

Hard-wearing, non-sensitive glass textile wallpaper developed specifically to meet the highest requirements on resistance and cleaning. Thanks to the dye sublimation inks used to print this wallpaper the best possible fixation of coloured inks is achieved.

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  • H (mm): 1000
  • W (mt): 30.5
  • Diameter Ø mm: 76
  • Package: 1


  • Tear Resistant
  • Dimensional stability
  • Removal when dry
  • Flame-retardant c-s1, dO
  • Easy to cut
  • Reinforcement for damaged walls
  • Scratch and knock resistant
  • Ideal for cleaning
  • Extremely robust surface


Interior Design: Media for decorative interior wall coverings and other surface

ink compatibilities:

Dye-Sublimation Ink: to be printed with special dye sublimation ink, which can be sublimated with hot calendar at a temperature of about 200°C to polyester fabrics.


Flame retardant: This media is flame retardant, please refer to the certificate in our application hint.
Tear-resistant: This media is tear-resistant due to its base media.
Dimensionally Stable: Thanks to its base material and construction, this product has remarkable dimentional stability under atmopheric changes (temperature and humidity) - altering neither in lenght or width.
Paste Wall : Paste Wall
Knock resistant: undefined
Double seam cut: undefined
Diffusion/breathable: undefined
Covers/Protects cracks: undefined
Dry strippable: undefined
Wipeable: undefined

Total Weight 295 g/m² ISO 536
Thickness 410 µm ISO 534
Whiteness 99 CIE D65/2° ISO 11476
Initiated tear MD [N] 20 DIN 53363
Initiated tear CD [N] 60 DIN 53363
Tearing resistance MD 1,000 mN ISO 1974
Tearing resistance CD 1,200 mN ISO 1974