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Textile Print - Sublimation Papers - Standard Sublimation Papers - Sublitecx

1026 - Sublitecx Eco 45

1026 - Sublitecx Eco 45
matt 1026 - 45 g/m²

Coated paper with an excellent value for money that ensures good color transfer and a short drying time; a versatile support for all fabric sublimation processes.

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  • H (mm): 1620
  • W (mt): 290
  • Diameter Ø mm: 76
  • Package: 0


  • Quick Dry
  • Suitable for all dye-sublimation inks
  • Remains flat during the sublimation procedure
  • Optimum colour transmission
  • High optical densities on the fabric

ink compatibilities:

Dye-Sublimation Ink: to be printed with special dye sublimation ink, which can be sublimated with hot calendar at a temperature of about 200°C to polyester fabrics.


Quick dry: The special coating effects that ink will be absorbed in a fraction of a second therefore applications can follow directly after printing.

Total Weight 45 g/m²