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Large Format Digital Printing - Banner / Roll Up - Scrim Banner - Diaban

2027 - Diaban Premium 510 matt

2027 - Diaban Premium 510 matt
2027 - Diaban Premium 510 matt
matt 2027 - 510 g/m²

Banner for solvent plotter. Matte, frontlit flex banner. High level of planarity. Suitable for indoor and outdoor large and small formats. Display.

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  • H (mm): 1100
  • W (mt): 50
  • Diameter Ø mm: 76
  • Package: 1


  • H (mm): 1370
  • W (mt): 50
  • Diameter Ø mm: 0
  • Package: 1

available soon

  • H (mm): 1600
  • W (mt): 50
  • Diameter Ø mm: 0
  • Package: 1


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  • B1 - certified
  • Cadmiun free


Indoor Signs: For preparation of identification signs or maps or banner at exhibitions, POS, convetions, in large buildings ect.
Pop-up Displays: Promotion for shopping malls. Displays have to be attractive and effective and supply quick information. Displays are mounted onto the panels with adhesive or magnetic strips.
Outdoor Signage: Mounted advertising/information panels such as signs or maps or banners, i.e. construction signs, POS, decoration, exhibitions.

ink compatibilities:

Latex Ink: infra red curing ink, e.g. Latex ink as used in the HP DJ L65500, which adheres of most flat and clean surfaces. Process needs heat resistant media, which does not shrink during the print cycle.
Solvent Ink : solvent based pigmented or mild solvent based ink, which is used on printer systems like Epson, HP, Mutoh, Mikami, Océ, Roland ect.
UV Curable Ink: special UV curable ink which is suitable on most surfaces.
Eco Solvent:


Blockout: Media which are impervious to light.
Flame retardant: This media is flame retardant, please refer to the certificate in our application hint.
Waterresistency/Waterfastness: this product printed with pigmented based inks can be used for short-term outdoor applications without any laminate film (see referring data sheet and recommendations of use). That means this product withstands rain and other outdoor influences, but water droplets can cause slight differences in color density within colored areas.
Tear-resistant: This media is tear-resistant due to its base media.

Total Weight 510 g/mq DIN 53352
Tearing Strenght 300/250 (Ordito/Trama) N/5cm DIN 53356
Temperature Resistance -20 C°/ +70 C° DIN 53357
Breaking strangth 2200/1900 (Ordito/Trama) N/5cm DIN 53354
Surface tension 60 N/5cm DIN 53357
PVC weight 335 g/mq DIN 53352
Textile weight 175 gr/mq DIN 53352
The data provided in this product data sheet are values for orientation only. Before using our print media please check their suitability for your printer and for your intended application. We do not take any liability for failures or damages resulting from technically modified printing inks and/or printers as technical specifications are subject to change.