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Large Format Digital Printing - Banner / Roll Up - Roll-up Media - DuraCURE Pop-up 125

3415 - DuraCURE Roll-up 125

3415 - DuraCURE Roll-up 125
3415 - DuraCURE Roll-up 125
matt 3415 - 125 g/m²

DuraCURE is the perfect combination of paper and film. We use a larger amount of paper, keeping the media as ecofriendly as possible: Film is used sparcely, just enough to strengthen functionality and tear resistance. This film has an additional blockout optimising opacity. To your advantage it is also a best buy product.

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Evaluation kit

  • H (mm): 914
  • W (mt): 5
  • Diameter Ø mm: 76
  • Package: 1

available soon

  • H (mm): 914
  • W (mt): 61
  • Diameter Ø mm: 76
  • Package: 1


  • Best buy
  • Good dimensional stability
  • Brilliant colors
  • Perfect ink bonding
  • Also printable on Solid ink and Offset printers


Pop-up Displays: Promotion for shopping malls. Displays have to be attractive and effective and supply quick information. Displays are mounted onto the panels with adhesive or magnetic strips.

ink compatibilities:

Latex Ink: infra red curing ink, e.g. Latex ink as used in the HP DJ L65500, which adheres of most flat and clean surfaces. Process needs heat resistant media, which does not shrink during the print cycle.
UV Curable Ink: special UV curable ink which is suitable on most surfaces.


Blockout: Media which are impervious to light.
Tear-resistant: This media is tear-resistant due to its base media.

Total Weight 125 g/m² +/- 15 ISO 536
Thickness 150 micron +/- 15 ISO 534
Whiteness 125 %
Opacity > 96 % ISO 2471
Resistence to Tensile Stress > 100 MD > 130 CD
Tensile strength MD [mN] 100 1924-3, 300 mm/min
Tensile strength CD [N/15mm] 130 1924-3, 300 mm/min
Wet tensile strength MD [N/15mm] 230
Wet elongation CD (Fenchel) [%] 100
It is advisable the application of the usual rules of work hygiene and the most prudence towards the products chemically treated. Do not eat when using.Do not use this products for other things than indicated, (ex.: as packing, as base for drawing, etc.). Do not allow its use to children.
Printer Ink used Print quality
ColorSpan Display Maker 72 UVR UV Curable Ink
Roland VersaUV LEC-300 UV Curable Ink
Zünd UVjet 215 C UV Curable Ink
Zünd UVjet 250 UV Curable Ink
Durst Rho 160 UV Curable Ink
swissQprint Impala UV Curable Ink
swissQprint Oryx UV Curable Ink
Mimaki UJV-160 UV Curable Ink
Mimaki UJF-605R UV Curable Ink
Roland LEC 540