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Large Format Digital Printing - Poster InkJet - Self Adhesive Paper - TriSolv PrimeArt Paper SA 275

3685 - TriSolv Poster Paper Prime 135 SA Glossy

3685 - TriSolv Poster Paper Prime 135 SA Glossy
3685 - TriSolv Poster Paper Prime 135 SA Glossy
glossy 3685 - 135 g/m²

The self-adhesive TriSolv member of the PrimeArt family has a thicker liner which is ideal for use on cutting plotters. The waterbased acrylic adhesive adheres to virtually all smooth, clean surfaces, making it possible to produce individually designed stickers and labels. FSC certified front material.

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Evaluation kit

  • H (mm): 914
  • W (mt): 15.2
  • Diameter Ø mm: 76
  • Package: 1


  • H (mm): 1372
  • W (mt): 30.5
  • Diameter Ø mm: 76
  • Package: 1

on order

  • H (mm): 1524
  • W (mt): 30.5
  • Diameter Ø mm: 76
  • Package: 1


  • Ink savings up to 30 %
  • Suitable for eco- and real-solvent inks
  • Brilliant colors
  • Water-repellent surface
  • High colour saturation


Indoor Short-Term Promotions: In-house advertising for e.g. promotion at concerts, theatres, cinemas or shopping malls.
Indoor Signs: For preparation of identification signs or maps or banner at exhibitions, POS, convetions, in large buildings ect.
High quality photo reproduction: High quality photo reproduction

ink compatibilities:

Latex Ink: infra red curing ink, e.g. Latex ink as used in the HP DJ L65500, which adheres of most flat and clean surfaces. Process needs heat resistant media, which does not shrink during the print cycle.
Solvent Ink : solvent based pigmented or mild solvent based ink, which is used on printer systems like Epson, HP, Mutoh, Mikami, Océ, Roland ect.
UV Curable Ink: special UV curable ink which is suitable on most surfaces.
Eco Solvent:


Environmentally friendly: This media is recyclable or originates from environmentally friendly resources.
Permanent adhesive: The adhesive is specially developed for long term outdoor applications, which gives out-standing adhesion on most surface materials, but removing without residues on suvstrate cannot be guaranteed due to the permanet character of the adhesive.
Kiss -/ Cut: Designed for cutting plotters and punch (stamp process) for creating contoured and individual stickers and labels.
Outdoor suitable: This product is weatherproof and can withstand long-term outdoor application.

Total Weight 310/135 g/m² ISO 534
Thickness 275/150 µm ISO 536
Colour L* 94.0 a* 0.8 b* -3.7
Adhesion Strength on glass 20 N / 25 mm
Adhesion Strength Forex 20 N / 25 mm
Adhesion Strength V2A 25 N / 25 mm
Base TriSolv PrimeArt Paper 135 glossy 3684
The ink amounts must be adjusted to the paper. Please reduce the single colors cyan, magenta, yellow and black (ink restrictions) and shorten the maximum amount of ink (ink limt). This will help your costs on inks and improve your drying performance.
Please follow the recommondations of the printer and ink manufacturer. The temperature for preheating and drying the media should be checked previously to make sure you will achieve desired results.
• Latex / IR hardening ink is not fully water-resistant.
The converting and storage should take place in a climate from 35 to 65% to relative humidity at a temperature from 10 to 30°C.
Printer Ink used Print quality
ColorSpan DisplayMaker 72S Eco Solvent
Epson Stylus Pro GS6000 UltraChrome GS Eco Solvent
Roland SolJet SJ540 / SC540 SJ 740 / SC740 Eco Solvent
Roland SC-500 Permasol S Solvent Ink
Roland VersaCAMM VP-300i / VP-540i Eco Solvent
Roland VersaCAMM SP-300i / SP-540i Eco Solvent
Roland VS 540 / VS 640 Eco Solvent
Mimaki JV-3 160S, 250 Solvent Ink
Mutoh Toucan Solvent Ink
Océ CS6060 Eco Solvent
Océ Display Graphics Systems / Rastergraphics Arizona 500 Solvent Ink
Seiko SII Colorpainter 64S / 100S / W54S / W64S / HZ- 74S / H2-104S Eco Solvent
Zünd UVjet 215 C UV Curable Ink
Zünd UVjet 250 UV Curable Ink
Durst Rho 160 UV Curable Ink
Hewlett Packard Latex 310/330/360/3000
Hewlett Packard Latex 280/820/850 Latex Ink
ColorSpan Display Maker 72 UVR UV Curable Ink
Mimaki CJV 30 Eco Solvent
Mimaki JV 400 -130LX /-160LX
Mimaki JV400SUV Serie
Mutoh Rockhopper II 50", 64", 87" Eco Solvent
Mutoh ValueJet 1204 / 1304 /1614 Eco Solvent
Océ CS9360 / CS935
Ricoh PRO-L4160-4C